About You & CEYOLI

CEYOLI is the abbreviation for CElebrate YOur LIfe. We founded CEYOLI to remind people like you of the beautiful things in life. To always remember what really counts in life!

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Your constant memory of the beautiful moments.


Our Vision

Together we have the goal to share the beautiful moments and constantly remember what our heart beats for - the many small and big heart moments that put a smile on our face.
Enjoy your life - it's great!
CElebrate YOur LIfe!

Share your Celebrate Your Life moments with - #ceyolimoment

A special memory

The clock is ticking as we make plans and real life races past us. We forget to enjoy the little moments. Your CEYOLI jewellery is a special memory for you. A memory of your heart moments - the unforgettable beautiful moments that you carry within you.

Extraordinary gifts

With CEYOLI you share more than just a gift - you share the feeling that a smile will conjure up our faces.
One World Pendant
One World Pendant
More than a necklace - a piece of jewellery that reminds you of the most beautiful moments you collect all over the world.
celebrate your life
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